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"In our business, I don't care if I have to pay $5,000 to talk to 1,000 prospects, because if even one of those people becomes a long term client, I can make my money back many many times over"
- Jason Leister

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About Rave

Rave is an innovative and unique sms marketing platform that brings together publishers and sms users. Publishers can submit their messages(raves) which after undergoing approval will be appended to outgoing messages of sms users. Our proprietary algorithms do the appending and make sure that everything works fine for everyone.

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Reach Real People

Get your message across to real, live, existing prospects.

Fresh & Dynamic Reach

Reach new people everytime, not some stale, stagnant database.

Save Cost

Same low cost covers sending & prospects. No need to pay seperately for prospects database & sending.

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Fast Delivery

Text messages are delivered almost instantly. There is virtually no wait time.

High Open Rate

Texts are opened up to 98% of the time, this gives SMS an higher open rate than other advertising options.

Customer Engagement

It gives you a way to engage with your customers and also enables customers to engage with you.


Q & A

What is a Rave?

A rave is an exciting, positive, useful and clean message you want to get out there about your products, services, events or cause.

What is the cost implication?

It costs just two naira to send a rave or message, so it costs just about N2,000 to reach 1,000 prospective clients/fans; far far less than $5,000.

How do I make payment?

When you log in to your account, click the Buy Credit link, you will see the payment info there.

How do I know my Raves are sent?

No worries. We got you covered. The whole system is automated and transparent. When you log in to your account,you can click the Confirm link to see how to check if your Raves are sent.

As a free sms user I'm concerned about what raves are appended to my messages

No worries. We got you covered. All raves pass through a manual approval process. Only clean raves are allowed to go through.

Can I send the usual ad-free bulk sms as well?

Yes, there is also provision for that. At two naira per message.


With the Rave API, you can integrate free sms sending into your web, mobile, and desktop applications.

Send a request to the API endpoint :
with the following query parameters :
email : your registered email address
api-key : your API key(check the Get API Key link when you login)
destination : the GSM number you are sending to
sender : your desired Sender ID, 11 characters max.
message : the message you want to send, 55 characters max, extra will be truncated.

Example request :

Note : Sender ID and message should be urlencoded before sending to take care of any spaces.

The API returns a three digit number as response code, 200 for successfull sending, any other code indicates non-delivery.

The following table gives the response codes and what they mean.

Nice idea : log the response each time you send a request.

400Email address not supplied
401API key not supplied
402Destination not supplied
403Sender not supplied
404Message not supplied
405Wrong email or API key
406Registration not yet confirmed
407Inactive account
408Invalid GSM number
409One or more required fields are empty or misspelt
501Not sent, no sponsor
502Not sent, network issues

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